Anonymous asked:

I'm literally so lonely all the time.. I wake up alone, I go about my day alone, and I go to sleep alone. Sure ya, I've got friends, but I'm missing that intimacy. Not sex, but just intimacy. And I don't mean to brag but I am v cute. Why can't I get a guy? I'm becoming desperate. What do I do.!

bromancing-the-stone answered:

Learn to love your own company. That longing for intimacy isn’t something that someone else will be able to fix permanently. We all will go through times when we go about our lives alone and we think this is sad, but you can be just as miserable if not more so spending it with someone who doesn’t make you truly happy and only fills a space. Take this time to learn to value the company of others as well. It’s not bragging to acknowledge you’re cute, own it, but realize that being attractive means you’re going to get a guy. Look at tumblr, there are so many cute guys on here who are single. Don’t get desperate, you’re young. Take your time to know what you want from yourself, and what you’d like in a partner.




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